What are some tips for writing a college or university application

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The Tips for Writing an Impressive and Unforgettable College or University Application

1. Start by introducing yourself and addressing the admission staff at the particular college/university. Aim to be formal but at the same time somewhat personable.

Example: Hello, members of the Admission Office, my name is (insert your name here), and I would love to be accepted, and be given the opportunity to be a part of the team at the (insert the name of the college/university).

2. State the program(s) that you have decided to apply to and describe why you chose them. This is important, as it tells the admission staff you would be best suited for their college's/university's program(s).

Example: I have applied to three very different programs at this prestigious post-secondary institution, but I would be honored to have the opportunity to study any one of the three programs. One of my main ambitions in life is to be successful by working hard and helping others. Each of my chosen programs allows me to do this and more. Firstly, I chose the (insert the program of your choice) because ever since I experience this subject first hand, I was captivated by it. Secondly, I chose the (insert the program of your choice) because I was always very creative and logical has a child, and I think those to two traits would fit very well in this program. Lastly, I chose the (insert the program of your choice), because I strongly believe in social justice and I want to advocate for those who don't have the same opportunities as I do.

3. Provide any extracurricular activities or areas of significant interest. This information will set you apart from the other applicants so aim to be as specific as possible.

Example: In the past four years, I have well surpassed the forty hour volunteering requirement. I have been a part of volunteering projects such as serving meals to the homeless at the (insert event/location at which you volunteered), recreational work and development at the (insert event/location at which you volunteered), as well as working with children at the (insert event/location at which you volunteered). During my high school career, I have been heavily involved with athletics, and I am currently enrolled in (insert athletic teams/clubs). I also play the (insert musical instrument) in my spare time and have loved participating in my school's band/orchestra/symphony.

4. If applicable, include any issues or circumstances (e.g., medical, personal, or financial) that may have affected your academic record. But also be careful with this section. Do not make a list of excuses, simply state a circumstance that might have slightly hindered your academic abilities.

Example: I am very saddened to report that near the end of the second school term, a close family relative had passed away. Unfortunately, due to this circumstance, I had missed a week of school and faced a few challenges upon returning. I found it difficult when trying to catch up with the missed course load. If this incident had not occurred, I feel as though I would have been in a better state of mind, as well as be able to prepare for exams more effectively.

Follow these tips to help distinguish yourself from other applicants when writing your college or university application. With these tips, you will also have an excellent chance at receiving acceptance from the college/university of your choice. Good Luck!

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