How do I pick the right college for me?

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When applying for college, everything is happening so fast. You're not really focused on the college part, as much as the getting accepted part. Your working hard to keep up your grades just so that you get accepted to the schools you've been looking at. But when your senior year finally comes to a close and all you have is options in front of you, how do you choose? For me, it took months to pick the right college. After countless hours of online research, campus visits, and talking to current students of the colleges I still hadn't made my decision.

The way I ended up at the school I am at now is because I got a sign. That may not happen to everyone, but I think there's something that happens to all of us. Either you are excepted to your first choice but they aren't giving very much money, or the school that you thought you wanted to go to doesn't seem to care about if you go there or not. I applied to my top choice school and never heard back from them at all (a rejection or acceptance) and after several attempts to fix the problem it was never resolved. I took this as a sign that I wasn't meant to go there. I chalked it up to "If they don't want me enough to get back in contact with me, then obviously it's not the right fit." A decision I am glad that I made, because this school is even farther from people I know, and I'm going to get to make new friends and have new experiences.

I'm going to a school that I never thought I would go to and I am actually pretty excited about it. It was absolutely nerve wracking thinking that I would have to go to this school for the rest of my college career even if I hated it, until I realized that I didn't have to stay at that one particular school.

Here's the thing, when you pick the right college straight out of high school, it isn't forever. You can transfer your second semester to a totally different school if you want! People like to think that when you choose a school there's this "no turning back" policy, but that's just not true. You can go anywhere you want, whether you are an incoming freshmen or finishing up your junior year. Don't feel too pressured, but do your research and find the best fit for you.

So, if you are looking at a bunch of options for schools, just go with the one that feels right. Something will guide you to the right school for you. And, if you end up picking the wrong school in the beginning, you can always transfer to another one as soon as you want. Remember, it's all about your happiness and success in your education. If you're paying for it, you might as well not hate it. The college you go to isn't important, it's what you gain from the college that's important.

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